HRC65 Mold Steel End Mill【2 Flutes Long Neck Φ 0.2-2】

Upgrade Your Milling Experience with SAMHO Square End Mill HRC65【2 Flutes Long Neck Φ 0.2-2】!

Looking for the best wholesale deal on cutting tools? Look no further than SAMHO! We are proud to offer the Flat End Mill【2 Flutes Long Neck Φ 0.2-2】, a top-quality cutting tool from China. This tool is designed with precision and durability in mind, making it perfect for any professional or hobbyist. With our unbeatable wholesale prices, you can’t afford to miss out on this amazing offer.

SHGLS2-000【2 Flutes Long Neck Φ 0.2-2】 -1
  • Highly Recommend

Highly Recommend
  • Specialty


Total 37 Models-Unit(Mm)

Total 37 Models-Unit(Mm)
  • SHGLS 2-000 Milling Conditions

  • Milling Amountfor Side Milling(mm)

  • Contour Milling


*Decrease both spindle speed and feed rate proportionally when the milling parameters exceed the machine’s maximum

spindle speed;

*Recommend oil coolant for Stainless Steels and Heat Resistance Alloys;

*Recommend using a non-contact measuring device to avoid damaging the precision tip point.

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